Pricing for wedding packages starts at $3200 and all packages include eight hours of photography, plus the receipt of the digital negatives (high resolution files) with full rights to have reprints made and use the images any way you wish.

$300 off for Friday and Sunday weddings. Also, ask about savings for off-season (December through April) weddings and events within six months time.


The joy is in the challenge! Sometimes you get it and sometimes you don't. But to capture a moment in time....freezing it forever....allowing it to tell its story for generations to come....that's the source of the passion I feel for photography.


My objective is to record what happens without influencing what happens. To discreetly capture everything from the major events to the subtle expressions. It's your special day. You should be able to enjoy the company of family and friends without interruption.


Though the period of time spent with clients is relatively brief, in the grand scheme of things, the bond we create, due to the importance of the task, is significant and long-lasting. I hope you'll start on that journey with me!

Thanks for your interest!